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Technical description:
Decorative polished plaster formulated with a blend of pure hydrated lime that undergoes a lengthy maturing process to become lime putty, natural earth and non film-forming powdered additives. It can be used for decorating both exterior and interior walls.

COST PER SQ M: €5.00 excl. VAT
Approximate cost including base coat and finish, labour not included



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VIDEO GUIDE: the Tattoo application step by step (YouTube)


RIFLESSI comes ready to use. Apply two coats, leaving at least 6 hours between coats, using the RIFLESSI laying-on trowel to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

Leave for at least 6 hours and then apply the topcoat, again using the RIFLESSI trowel, criss-crossing and overlapping your strokes in an irregular pattern.

Allow the surface to dry for a few minutes and then start polishing, wiping the RIFLESSI trowel across the surface repeatedly.

The aesthetic effect, pattern and glossy appearance of the finish depend on the application technique and can be emphasized and tailored to personal preferences by the decorator drawing on his/her skills.
frattone RIFLESSI
frattone RIFLESSI
procedere alla lucidatura passando ripetutamente il frattone RIFLESSI sulla superficie

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